Tickets for Liverpool matches can be purchased across several sales channels, subject to the specific selling details advertised for each game.

Selling details for all Premier League games and cup competitions will be advertised on the Liverpool official website. Link indicated below:


All sales are subject to availability, with dates and times of kick-off subject to change.

For the majority of games, demand for tickets significantly exceeds supply, with most fixtures selling out well in advance of the actual day of the game.


The first recommended option is to try to get officially for the Liverpool FC box Office. However, most games are frequently sold out months in advance. For purchasing tickets for Liverpool games, it is first required to be a member, which costs around £25 each.

The membership doesn’t guarantee tickets, but it allows holders to purchase them if they become available. Memberships last for 1 season, and therefore unless being interested in buying tickets to more than 4/5 games this season, then it is probably not worth investing the money in the membership.

As the demand for all Liverpool tickets is high, even with memberships, it is still unlikely to get tickets for the major games. Tickets to the F.A. Cup and Carabao Cup (EFL) are probably the best chances of purchasing tickets.

Tickets for Liverpool sell out extremely fast, and hundreds of tickets get sold up before some fans even reached the ticket buying screen. For the big games, it can be frustrating as they sell out within minutes.


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